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Wedding Cakes &

Congratulations on your engagement! Thank you for considering us to be a part of your big day in making your wedding cake and desserts. We offer a wide variety of treats to make sure everyone in your party has a treat to enjoy on your big day. 
We make large wedding cakes for the whole party, as well as smaller cakes with dessert tables or cupcakes. 
All of our cakes, buttercreams, and fillings are homemade. We offer tasting boxes which include 3 cake/buttercream/filling flavor combinations for $40, each additional flavor/filling combination would be an additional $15. My tasting boxes are sold separately and do not contribute towards the price of the cake. 
We have gluten free, dairy free, vegan, and sugar free options available for wedding cakes, as well as the tasting boxes. Please contact us for pricing on special request orders. 
Pricing for wedding cakes varies depending on the complexity of design, flavors, and size. Usually our wedding cakes range from $5 - $8/person, however, all orders are custom, and prices vary depending on your specific needs. Lastly, there are also delivery and set up fees that contribute to the price of your order. 
We would love to connect and help make your wedding cake and desserts vision come to life. Contact us today!

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